Maria Teresa Martini


Reviews of her work have appeared in the following journals and newspapers: "Arte", "Arte In", "Arte Leader", "Arte & Arte", "Flash Art", Verona Sette", "L' Arena", "Il Nuovo Veronese", "La Nazione", "Brescia Oggi", "Il Resto del Carlino", "La Gazzetta di Mantova", "Archivio" and "La Voce di Ferrara".

Alessandro mozzambani, Giorgio Trevisan, Italo Lucani and Vera Meneguzzo are just four of the more noted critics who have written about her.

In particular Mozzambani wrote: "Here we can se the logic of the artist's higly developed sensibility, not to the form but rather to the non form and to the controlled movement of the flashes of coluor which surpasses the sublime to become a manifestation of an intelligent capacity of expression".

"Her paintings contain a completely new kind of elegance - a rich, chromatic beauty - which does not derive from the immediate, aesthetic quality and sensivity of the brush strokes however. The decisive factor lies in the discovery of colour and its infinite capacity to interact in an eloquent way with itsel. The picture is brought to life in an otherwise explosive freshness and originality, caracteristic of the imaginative power behind all artistic creativity".

The paintins of Martini, wich are a succession of preludes, are combinations and symphonies, wich join the interminable saga of "A Research of the Universe", in a secret of originality and an ineffibe harmony. The artist comments on a singular abstraction: mystic, poetic and "romantic". Wich fixes its territory as an escursion onto the infinite, where the coluor-form is also the pretext for an ontological research.

Vera Meneguzzo